Belly Dancing Weekly Classes

Enfield and Cheshunt

New Classes start from Tuesday 4th and Thursday 6th September 


Target Gym The Cheshunt Club

Albury Ride Cheshunt EN8 8XG

Tuesday Evening Beginners Class 7pm to 8pm £8.50

Tuesday Evening Improver Class 8pm to 9pm £8.50

Drive to bottom of road, follow the road round past Bowls club. Free Parking.

Millfield House 

Silver Street Edmonton N18 1PJ 

Thursday Evening Beginners Technique 6.30pm £8.50

Thursday Evening Improver/inter Class 7.30pm £8.50

One to one lessons, group lessons and workshops also available. Call for more details!

For more information and to register, contact Samantha on 07770 596 634 or email


More Information


What should I wear to class?

Comfy clothes you can move freely in, such as leggings, sports wear, or circle skirt/gypsy style skirt with bare feet, ballet style slippers or socks with grips on the bottom. It also helps to wear a scarf around your hips. It is a good idea to bring a drink.

Can I dance if I am pregnant?

They say belly dancing is very helpful for childbirth but I always recommend that you check with your GP before continuing to dance. I also recommend checking with your GP if you have had any recent operations or injuries.

Where can I buy belly dancing accessories?

I sell skirts, tops and hip scarves in class, costs range from £8 to £35. You can also find some great websites on line.

When do I pay?

You pay at the start of each class and you pay per class.

When can I start class?

You can start any time in the term. If we are part way through learning a dance you may wish to wait until we start something new - you can always call or email me to find out what we are working on in class.

Please feel free to email any other questions you may have!

Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


07770 596634



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